Someone to Watch Over Me

online imageReputation Management firms can stand in the gap between celebrities and those who try to harm images and destroy careers. A celebrity cannot possibly monitor all online activity that is attached to their name. This is where reputation managers are invaluable. By employing all necessary means, a good reputation manager can vigilantly oversee online content; staying a step ahead of detractors posting inflammatory and inaccurate information. Reputation managers do more than respond to online negativity; showcasing good and positive publicity in the wake of something negative is a common way of repairing a reputation while taking advantage of the buzz surrounding the celebrity in question.

It is important to note that celebrities and reputation management firms must be proactive with image management. The time to put together an accurate and positive image is before any damaging content surfaces. A good strategy is to publish as much flattering content as possible, in as many media platforms as appropriate, updating as often as necessary to keep a positive image at the top of search engines and social media sites.

Things to Look For in Reputation Management

Choosing the right reputation management firm is as essential as employing one. Many celebrities will take advantage of informal reviews of firms by friends and business associates. This sort of word of mouth referral is typically quite helpful. In the event that a celebrity needs to find a reputation manager on their own, they should look for several important factors before signing on the dotted line.

ORMA good background check of the firm in question is first and foremost. Don’t hand over your reputation to someone who cannot manage their own.

Credible reputation management firms will be proud of who they are and whom they employ. Their sites will have pictures and/ or bios of founders and top execs, not just a number to call or an email address to contact.
Read over any content they publish. This allows the evaluation of their processes and their point of view.
Meet with members of the staff in a consultation. Look for a clear explanation of how they can meet goals and what clients can expect during the contracted time.

Reputation management really can make or break a celebrity’s career. It’s much more than quick damage control or a happy spin on an issue. Trust the experts and seek help today.